thank you for being there

CHRISTINA, thank you so much honey for being there when I needed you. you were the only person who helps me about...you know what I am talking about. no words can discribe how much I am greatful for your help! I have realised that you are my soulmate. my e-soulmate for now. I hope one day we'll meet each other. and trust me this will happen, one day.
thanks for being there. just THANKS.
and don't forget, ashley or serena haha, will always be there for you.

my love is your dr u g

it's summer and I want this summer to be differend. just because I worth it. just because I WANT IT ! I want to tan, Ι want meet new boys and do sth with them. I want to do everything I want to do. and that's just the beginning. people seem to be in trouble. but I just don't give a holly shit cause's none of my business. but wtfuck I am writing ? anyways, I am so bored. having nothing to do and I just don't know what to do about it. summer has its lonely days for sure and I am passing them now. bought new nail polishes and clothes but NOT swimwear and I want so fucking crazy to go for a swim in a pool or a sea. by the way, this friday I have an invitation for a big club named VOGUE and I just can't decide = going and having fun or not going and...doing sth else instead ?
just don't know. don't know.


oh yes baby, yes

happier than ever. realising how miserable were these days and taking into concideration the promise I made to myself which was NO PAIN ANYMORE I am just FINE. and hell yeah I enjoing it so much these moments. but, wtfuck I was thinking? pain + me= NOT. anyways, I can't wait 'till Tuesday and can't wait 'till the moment my summer starts. coctails, hot nights, girls and lols, watermelons, bronzing makeup and all that stuff just can't wait 'till then! so happy, so happy so HAPPY !!!


bong da city

happy, at least now. the exams are about to finish and I am so fuckin' HAPPY cause I can't stand anymore reading! I decided, for my own happiness to make a new start and promised to myself that this summer's going to be da best. clubbing, dancing, tanning, and all that stuff. also, I promised that everytime I'm going to think about him I'll automatically think anything else, not him. just because I can't stand seeing my face in that mess and to tell you the truth, I am bored of seeing my face in that mess and with this pain actually. now, off to bathroom for a renovating bath. stop thinking. for these moments for sure .


can any boy make me feel the way ya do?

time passes. everytime I see a new message on my sony, I "run" and wish to be from you. but unfortunately, it isn't. just here waiting and waiting. GOSH, who I am kidding ? myself or the people who care about me ? he won't come to see me and basically he won't come either way. but, I don't know wtfuck I am waiting. I am ALL ALONE, me and myself and just -us-. I am lost and I really don't find anything cute in this situation. everybody asks me «girl, what's up? why you don't answer in our calls? why you are in that mess? where's ashley we knew and wtfuck did to her?» and always, I always answer «guys, I am fine! better than ever!» and noone believes me. and yes, noone. and ALL THAT MESS ?because of you. are you happy ? do you enjoy anything of this ? do you enjoy making me THAT mess? I am asking you. Do YOU ?


ever changing

I don't know why everything's going so messy. I can't understand why I have been through all these things. I didn't do anything bad to anyone. I never said something bad about anyone, and in fact never hurt anyone. I miss him. I don't know if he miss me. I love him and I am pretty sure when everytime he says that he loves me, he doesn't mean it. I know it and I don't know what to do about it. I can't stand this anymore. I JUST CAN'T STAND THIS ANYMORE! Every night, I can't sleep. Every single moment I just can't stop thinking about him. It's painfull. It's painfull, gosh it's so damn painfull. I just can't...can't...

*I don't give a shit about my english.I am not a proffesor and I'll never be.I just want to write and in english it's easier.Thanks to my followers...and thanks for reading my paranoid things.


well, you still have friends

I have just realised something.
When everything's fucked up and you think that you really don't have any reason of being alive and you just say to yourself "Gosh, I really have to die now." just think that you have some friends next to you, that will be always there for you and will be always there when you'll want to cry.I have just realised now that there is absolutely no reason to worry about almost anything in my life.I have my best bitches that will be always here when I need them and that makes me the happiest person in the world.Thank you bitches for being there when I needed you.
I am fucking love you.

upside down

I found on my favourite blogs, this :

«The problem with you is that you are constantly trying so hard to be one-up over everyone. Well news flash some of us don't even have to try and we're already ahead of you

Well, this is what I am talking about.Many ladies out there thing, that they are so fucking perfect and fabulous and their behavior it's kind of pathetic.Okay, just stop acting like this, the only thing you manage is getting ridiculous and I am totally telling you the truth now.You thing that acting like this, you attract people to you but, the only thing you manage in the end is exact the opposite.
And trust me, noone will be jealous of you.


Fuck this fuck that fucks, everyting

Fuck this moments we spend together.Fuck these two years I know you.
You only make me suffer.Make me wanna die and I don't know, is there something I didn't get about all these things?I LOVED YOU and damn I'm still here and loving you as the first time I saw your baby face.I don't know why you are doing all these things, I never done anything like these before to you.You see?I am little girl who lives in a big city and things that she is the center of the world!?!What the fuck are you telling me?No, all these are fake.You love me but, you love yourself more.I don't know you anymore.I don't really, really care about your ex and your propably next.This time won't be the same.Promise, I'll change.
I'll change for my own happiness.