thank you for being there

CHRISTINA, thank you so much honey for being there when I needed you. you were the only person who helps me about...you know what I am talking about. no words can discribe how much I am greatful for your help! I have realised that you are my soulmate. my e-soulmate for now. I hope one day we'll meet each other. and trust me this will happen, one day.
thanks for being there. just THANKS.
and don't forget, ashley or serena haha, will always be there for you.

my love is your dr u g

it's summer and I want this summer to be differend. just because I worth it. just because I WANT IT ! I want to tan, Ι want meet new boys and do sth with them. I want to do everything I want to do. and that's just the beginning. people seem to be in trouble. but I just don't give a holly shit cause's none of my business. but wtfuck I am writing ? anyways, I am so bored. having nothing to do and I just don't know what to do about it. summer has its lonely days for sure and I am passing them now. bought new nail polishes and clothes but NOT swimwear and I want so fucking crazy to go for a swim in a pool or a sea. by the way, this friday I have an invitation for a big club named VOGUE and I just can't decide = going and having fun or not going and...doing sth else instead ?
just don't know. don't know.


oh yes baby, yes

happier than ever. realising how miserable were these days and taking into concideration the promise I made to myself which was NO PAIN ANYMORE I am just FINE. and hell yeah I enjoing it so much these moments. but, wtfuck I was thinking? pain + me= NOT. anyways, I can't wait 'till Tuesday and can't wait 'till the moment my summer starts. coctails, hot nights, girls and lols, watermelons, bronzing makeup and all that stuff just can't wait 'till then! so happy, so happy so HAPPY !!!