can any boy make me feel the way ya do?

time passes. everytime I see a new message on my sony, I "run" and wish to be from you. but unfortunately, it isn't. just here waiting and waiting. GOSH, who I am kidding ? myself or the people who care about me ? he won't come to see me and basically he won't come either way. but, I don't know wtfuck I am waiting. I am ALL ALONE, me and myself and just -us-. I am lost and I really don't find anything cute in this situation. everybody asks me «girl, what's up? why you don't answer in our calls? why you are in that mess? where's ashley we knew and wtfuck did to her?» and always, I always answer «guys, I am fine! better than ever!» and noone believes me. and yes, noone. and ALL THAT MESS ?because of you. are you happy ? do you enjoy anything of this ? do you enjoy making me THAT mess? I am asking you. Do YOU ?