Fuck this fuck that fucks, everyting

Fuck this moments we spend together.Fuck these two years I know you.
You only make me suffer.Make me wanna die and I don't know, is there something I didn't get about all these things?I LOVED YOU and damn I'm still here and loving you as the first time I saw your baby face.I don't know why you are doing all these things, I never done anything like these before to you.You see?I am little girl who lives in a big city and things that she is the center of the world!?!What the fuck are you telling me?No, all these are fake.You love me but, you love yourself more.I don't know you anymore.I don't really, really care about your ex and your propably next.This time won't be the same.Promise, I'll change.
I'll change for my own happiness.